I’ve been working slowly on Chapter 2, still waiting for it to take some recognizable shape. I had a little breakthrough two days ago when I realized I could stop writing an endless exposition of how knowledge has worked — a system of stopping points for inquiry based on a system of stopping points for credentialing — and could go straight to talking about experts. So, I started a new section and have been writing about why we have taken such a sudden interest in hedgehogs vs. foxes, even though most of us don’t care about Isaiah Berlin, Archilochus, or hedgehogs and foxes, for that matter.

I also had an idea for Chapter 1. That chapter just doesn’t open in a compelling way. But I gave an impromptu-ish 15 minute talk at Lawberry Camp (an open space day for law librarians) yesterday about the origins of the data-information-knowledge-wisdom hierarchy, and why it gets knowledge so wrong. Afterwards, I thought that that might make a good opening for the Chapter. So, I’ve made a note to that effect at the beginning of the current draft, and once I have Chapter 2 under better control, I’ll take a look at the opening of Chapter 1.