I’ve been staring at a chapter I need to write about transparency, books, long-form thinking, and maybe attention. I had hoped not to have to write about this stuff. As a result, I haven’t thought about what to say or how to say it. So, I’ve been thrashing for the past few days, writing an opening, realizing it’s irrelevant, making notes, deleting, starting again. I don’t like writing without knowing roughly what the chunks are that I need to cover.

I think I’m making progress, though. As of now, I’m opening it with a look at what long-form writing is like, using Darwin as my example. Now I think I’m going to write as concretely as I can about how the form of books (bound paper ) dictates the form of what you write. It may turn out to be too obvious, but I won’t know until I try writing it.

Yes, there’s a small irony that I’m having trouble writing a short-form chapter about long-form books, critiquing long-form books in a long-form book.